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Contacts: How to Create and Manage Activities


CharityEngine provides an easy way for you and those in your organization to craft activities associated with your contacts and constituents.  Creating an activity not only creates a record but also a reminder and record of the points of time in which you are interacting with your donors.  CharityEngine makes it easy to create, manage and automate activities - allow you and your team to ensure strategic activities are planned, scheduled and executed.  

Instructions - Creating New Activity Records

Step 1: Navigate to the Contact App > Activities > Activities > Create New to create a new activity from this screen.

Instructions - Managing Existing Activity Records

Step 1: Navigate to the Contacts App > Activities > Activities.

Step 2: The Activities screen will look like the sample screen below. Use the basic filters to find an activity you are looking for.

Step 3: In the top right corner is a list of options.

Step 4: Use the Advanced Filter to search more specifically.

Instructions - Creating Activity Automation

Step 1: Navigate to the Automation & Workflows App > General > Queries > Create New > Create a query in which an activity should be created
Ex: Transactions Query for transactions made this week over $100
Step 2: Navigate to the Automation & Workflows App > Triggers > Create New > Type: Create Activity > Next > Data Source: query as created in step 2 > Start Date > End Date > Participating Contact: select assigned activity contact name 

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