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Contact Records: Changing Contact Type
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on 3/9/2023 1:34:00 PM


From time to time, a contact record type may have been incorrectly assigned. This could include assignment of a household record instead of a person contact record type. The contact type can be easily changed from the contact listing screen.


  1. Warning: Transforming data can cause irreversible changes to your database. Make sure you back up your data first.


Step 1: Locate your contact by navigating to the Contact App > Organizations & People > Search & Manage > locate your contact record
Step 2: Ensure you are viewing the Summary view by navigating to the option above ACTIONS and select Summary View
Step 3: Under the ACTIONS column, hover over the ellipse to expose the Change Type option
Step 4: A pop-up will guide the user to Change to type. Click CHANGE to complete.
    1. Note: It is important to note that changing a contact type will lose all type specific information. However, all transactional and historical information will be retained.

FAQs & Further Reading

Q. What contact types are available in CharityEngine?
A. Contacts are assigned as one of three available options:
    1. People: Individual donors/constituents
    2. Organizations: Corporations, institutions, or organization 
    3. Households: A contact record associated with a household - can have Head of Household, Spouse, and/or other relationships associated with the household

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