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Memberships: How to Create a Membership Type (Configuration)
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on 6/18/2024 1:13:00 PM


Memberships are a great fundraising tool and can further support the organization's mission by raising funds while providing donors with membership benefits or incentives. While Membership work in a similar way as Sustainers, memberships can be used as a tool to collect and raise donations on a scheduled billing date and typically have annual dues and can be paid in full or over a period of time. If your organization is leveraging memberships as a fundraising tool, establishing your membership types will be the first step in leveraging the memberships functionality within CharityEngine.


  1. Before beginning the use of the membership's functionality, CharityEngine recommends beginning first with establishing your membership type(s). 
  2. To establish please consider the name of your memberships (internal and external names) and if your memberships have a finite start and/or end date. 


Step 1: In order to create a membership type, begin by navigating to the Configuration App > Membership > Types > Create New.
Step 2: Enter the following data elements:
    1. Name - required and internal name
    2. Code - required and this is the external name presented to your donors
    3. Parent - optional, for use if your membership structure is nested
    4. Active - default to Yes, if set to No, note that this may hamper any web form testing/exposure
    5. Public - default to Yes, can be set to No if you wish to limit external exposure
    6. Rate - optional, set for the price point associated with this membership type
    7. Duration - optional, set for a numeric value and frequency (i.e. Months, Years)
      1. Note: If you configure a duration date for the membership type, when a new membership is created for that type, the system will automatically set the start and end date. For example, if the duration is configured for one year, when a new membership is created, the system will automatically enter the start date as the creation date and the end date a year from the start date. Leaving this value as null will create membership records with no end date.
    8. Description - optional, internal reference
Step 3: Click on SAVE to secure your changes.
Step 4: Repeat for all necessary membership types. 

FAQs & Additional Reading

Q. Great - now that I have created my membership types, how do I enter new members? 
A. If you need assistance in creating a member, read this article.

Q. Can I create a membership web form to allow donors to sign up automatically?
A. Yes, read our article here on how to create a Membership type web form. 

Q. Can donors sign up and make payment online for a membership?
A. Yes - learn more about establishing Membership Web Forms in our article Memberships: Web Forms and Online


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