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Jamie Beliveau 5/29/2024 2:35:00 PM


The Notes section of CharityEngine® can appear in multiple places across the system. One of the easiest places to purposely access Notes is Apps > Contacts > Notes > Go.

The Notes screen will look like the sample screen below. Use the basic filters to find a note you are looking for.

Use the Advanced Filter to search more specifically.

Click Create New to create a new note from this screen.

Create New

General Tab

Design the note under the General tab. Choose what type of note it will be, and turn the Active switch to Yes or No depending on whether you would like the note to be active.


Under the CRM tab is the space to insert all the relations management fields. Fill in as many or as few of these fields as you wish.

*Note: CharityEngine® will detect a link between a contact and a transaction, activity, membership, etc. and create an association for the file on its own. This way, a user can access the same file from multiple records but only need to upload it a single time.

Donations Tab

Insert any transaction IDs here that the note could be associated with.

Events Tab

If you would like the note to attach to an event (primary or grassroots), indicate the event under this tab.

Ecommerce Tab

To associate the note with a product order, click the Ecommerce tab and fill out the order field.

Advocacy Tab

Associate the note with an advocacy relation under this tab.

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