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Creating an Event with Free Tickets
Jessica Mocha 12/10/2021 3:46:00 PM

When creating an event, such as a webinar, you may not want to charge for tickets for the event, but you still want contacts to have a ticket due to limited amount of space or to keep track of how many contacts register for the event. You can easily do this by making the tickets free and configuring the display of the event form to not display any pricing information.

The first step is to create the event and your ticket, this can be done through the Events Application or through the Form Wizard. If you need assistance using the form wizard, read this article and for more information on creating a ticket, read this article

If the event is already created, navigate to Online > Web Forms > Search & Manage > Create New > Event Form and select the form from the dropdown.

If you are creating your event through the web form, click Create New Event and on the ticket tab do not input an amount for the ticket price. This will make the ticket free to all registrants.


Note: Even though the ticket is free, at least one ticket must be created and included for the event form to be created.

Now that the event and form have been created, you can configure the display to not show any pricing information. Without editing the display, your event form will look like the below and display cost information. It is not required to remove that information; however it may confuse contacts trying to register.

To edit the display, navigate to the Layout tab and expand the tickets section.

In order to remove the cost of the ticket displayed next to the name as seen below, click on the pencil icon next to the ticket name, in this example it is Free Ticket.

Use the Type dropdown to select Ticket Online Description.

Now the cost of the ticket will no longer be displayed as shown below.

To remove the Sub Total Field, navigate back to the layout tab and click the trash can icon next to Sub Total

The Sub Total will no longer be displayed on your form.

You will also want to remove the donation section and the payment section from the form to ensure there is no confusion on payment. To do this click on the trash icon next to each field.

Now when registrants navigate to the form, the only fields displayed will be the ticket information and the contact information.


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