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How to Clear Contacts from Groups, Tags, and Lists Using Trigger Tool
Jessica Mocha 3/9/2023 1:34:00 PM
The trigger tool can be used in a variety of different ways, for example, the tool can be used to clear tags, groups, and lists from assigned contacts. If you only want contacts to be assigned to one list or group at a time, this tool will allow you to easily remove all groups and lists assigned to those contacts. This can be done as often as you need it to be done by scheduling the frequency of the data job.
To remove the group, tag, or list, navigate to Workflow & Automation > Workflow > Triggers > Create New. Select Contact List Assign from the dropdown and click Next.

Search for the query you wish to remove the group, tag, or list from.

Use the toggles to clear the group, tag, or list. If no is toggled, nothing will be removed from the contacts. If Yes is toggled, all assignments will be removed. It is important to note, the removal of the assignments is all or nothing, and you will not be able to select which assignments will be removed and which assignments will remain.

Click next and confirm your selections. Click Finish to save your work.

Once you have saved your work, you can schedule the removal as often as needed. To do this click on Schedule listed under the actions column.

You will need to name the scheduled item and select the data job that will be affected.

Click save and then navigate to the trigger tab. Use the first dropdown to select the frequency and the second dropdown to select when the action will be completed. For example, if you want the assignment to be removed weekly, you would select the week and then select what day the action will be completed.

Click ADD and your selection will appear.

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