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Emails: How to Build Opt In List - Using Query Builder to Segment Existing Lists


You may find the need to target specific donors within your regular Opt-In List as way to communicate with a portion of your mailing list. Using query builder to segment an opt-in list is a great way to send emails to selected contacts within a specific email opt-in list. Reason to segment your opt-in list may include communicating with contacts who have recently donated, made a significant contribution, or attended recent events. 

While this is a more advanced method, if you are just starting to build your opt-in list, please visit our article on creating opt-in list here. Or explore our FAQs for additional options to create and build your opt-in list.

How to use queries to segment an existing opt-in list

To segment an opt-in list, begin by navigating to Workflow & Automation > General > Queries and click the Create New button.

Select Contacts for the filter and Contacts under the Select radio button.

Begin building your query by adding data elements to the Select section. Simply drag and drop or double click to select. Select your relevant data points needed for your output including Id and Full Name

Under Filter, you will begin to add the filters to create the subset for your sending needs. To begin, we will select Names from the Opt-In Lists drop down. Again, simply drag & drop or double click to add. You can also select Ids if you know your Opt-In List ID.

Use the drop-down feature to select the opt-in list you wish to segment. In this example, we will be segmenting the existing "Feed The Children" opt-in list.  

To further segment our list, we will identify donors within this opt-in list who have made a transaction within the last year.
Simply locate Transaction Date from within the Most Recent Transaction option and drag & drop (or double click) to add this filter. Then you will want to add additional filters to segment the list, for example segmenting contacts who have made a transaction within the last year. To do this, under Most Recent Transaction add the transaction date to the filter.

Next, hover on the data filter to reveal the formula icon and then select Last X Days from the dropdown.
Please note the presentment of AND to join the filter of Opt-In List = "Feed The Children" AND Transaction Date = Last 365 Days. The AND can be clicked on to reveal other logic functions. 

Next, click RUN to initiate your query. Your list will now provide a CharityEngine Contact ID and the Contact's Full Name for any donor who is assigned to the "Feed The Children" opt-in list AND who has made a donation in the last 365 days. 


Finally, in the top right hand corner, save the query with a name (description is optional). The query will now be available for email sending purposes.


To initiate your communication, navigate to Campaigns > Create & Publish > Select Existing or Create a new Creative
Or select Campaigns > Quick Actions > Email Blast

When selecting your Audience, use the drop down to locate your query name (i.e. Segmented Opt-In list- within 1 year)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How can I create a basic opt-in list for emails, texting. or mailings?
A. Please visit our article on the basics of creating an opt-in list here

Q. Is there a feature to simply trigger a donor's email to be added to an opt-in list?
A. Using our Trigger feature within Automation & Workflow is a great way to add to your opt-in list at your chosen frequency. Visit our trigger tool article here for more information. 

Q. Is there a feature to add a large volume of donors to an opt-in list?
A. Using our Importer tool within Automation & Workflow is also another great way to add contacts to your opt-in list in bulk. Visit our article to learn how to add many contacts to an opt-in list here.


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