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Automation & Workflow: Creating a Suppression Email List
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on 7/26/2023 3:33:00 PM


You may find that you need to resend an email campaign to only certain emails on your email list. For instance, if you have an email list to which you have already sent an email campaign to, and have since added more emails to that list, you can create a suppression list and only send the email campaign to the new email addresses you've added rather than the entire list.


To create a suppression list, you'll need to follow these steps;

First, you'll want to create a query to find the emails in your list that the campaign was already sent to.

Go to Automation & Workflow > General > Queries > Create New > Filter: Campaigns > Select Initiative Audience

Select Fields: Audience ID, Initiative ID, Contact ID, Email Address, Contact ID (from the contacts section)
Filter: Initiative ID (from Audience) - > set as "Equals" - > and the Initiative ID that was already sent.

Your Query will look like this;

Click Save, Name the Query and Export.

This will create your 'Subquery' to identify the email addresses who already received the email.

Next, we'll use this 'Subquery' in a new Query.

Go to Automation & Workflow > General > Queries > Create New > Filter: Contacts > Select: Contacts
Select Fields: Contacts - ID (from Contacts section) & Opt-In Lists IDs (from Opt-In section)
Select Filters: Opt-In Lists IDs & Contact ID

Set Opt-In List IDs "Is One Of" - then insert the Opt-In List ID
Set Contact ID to "Is One Of" - then click on the hamburger stack (under the beaker in that box) 

Next, search for the Subquery by name or ID

Click Select

Next, from the drop down select "Initiative Audience.Contact Id" - this will look for the CE Contact ID in the subquery.

Then - on that same line, change "In" to "Not In"

This tells the query to only include IDs that are in the Opt-In List AND exclude anyone who was identified in the subquery.

Run the query to verify it's found the right population. You can run the query by clicking the 'play' button in the screen. Once you verify the query has pulled the right population, click Save and name your query.

When you're ready to send your email, you can search for this list by name!

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