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How to Acknowledge Tributes and Manually Create Tribute Acknowledgements
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on 5/29/2024 2:35:00 PM

Introduction to Tribute Acknowledgements

Through the Tribute feature within CharityEngine, organizations can allow donors to acknowledge and send customized messages to the recipients of the tribute. This can be achieved by exposing the option through the organization's web form or can be added manually within CharityEngine. 

How to review and process tribute acknowledgements

If a tribute was processed through a web form that allows for acknowledgement, the acknowledgement will be associated with the donor's transaction as well as captured within the Tribute's account record. The acknowledgement preference selected by the donor will be presented to allow the organization to track and process printing of letters, confirm delivery of email acknowledgements (system generated), or to take action on a phone call. 

Step 1: Start with accessing the Donations App > Tributes > Search & Manage > locate the tribute record 
Step 2: Within the tribute account, access the Acknowledgees tab to see donors who have initiated an acknowledgment
Note: In the first example, the donor selected Email and the email was automatically initiated with a date and time stamp. In the second example, the donor selected Mail and is pending action by the organization to process and send the letter

Note: Using the Acknowledgee view will provide the organization with easy access to identify manual actions required by the organization (i.e. processing a phone call and/or printing/sending a tribute acknowledgee letter). Click on ACTIONS > Manage > click action performed (Letter Sent/Phone Call Made/Email Sent) > click SAVE to secure your changes and accurate reporting.


To process an acknowledgement from this screen select ACTIONS > Manage

From this screen the user can check the box and SAVE to notate the acknowledgement. 

Alternatively, you can bulk review and bulk acknowledge letters through the following steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Donations App > Tributes > Acknowledgees 

Step 2: Select each acknowledgment needed

Step 3: From the dropdown next to DETAILS, select Send Acknowledgement 

Step 4: On the next screen elect to Log Acknowledgement

Step 5: Select Delivery Method and determine if you wish to Create Activities

Step 6: Select a preset message template or customize and click CLOSE.

How to manually create tribute acknowledgements

If a tribute is attributed to a transaction manually, an acknowledgement is not automatically sent to the tribute. The acknowledgement does have to be sent manually and can be done by managing the tribute.

Step 1: Start with accessing the Donations App > Tributes > Search & Manage > locate the tributes requiring acknowledgment > ACTIONS: Manage
Step 2: On the Acknowledgee tab, click Add New to create a message.

Step 3: Enter the Name of the tribute recipient, the message you wish to send, and the email address of the tribute (or mailing address if applicable). You can also set the check box for acknowledgement complete. 

Once you click Save, a dropdown will appear next to the save button. Select Send Email to send an acknowledgement to the tribute.
Step 4: Once complete, you can see a summary of all acknowledgements delivered to the tribute contact. 
Note: The second acknowledgee was completed by the end user via the web form based upon the user selecting the option to email/mail the tribute. 

The email will be sent to the tribute acknowledging them for the donation.

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