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Events & Volunteers : Registrations
Jamie Beliveau 5/29/2024 3:12:00 PM


The Events Registrations page is the space to find and create new registrations for your events.

Navigate to the Registrations page by clicking Events & Volunteers > Events > Registrations.

Use the Advanced Filter and the basic filters to search for a pre-existing registration.

NOTE: Change the mode from Report to Check In to quickly check in the registrants from one page.

Check-In Mode

When you turn the mode to Check-In, check marks appear next to the listings. Use the basic filters to choose whether to show registrants who have already checked in, and whether to show the guests of registrants in the results.

Why use Check-In Mode? This mode can be used while the event is happening to manually keep track of attendees in real time.

To check in a registrant, click the checkbox next to their registration listing. The page will automatically reload and check in the registrant. A banner will appear to alert you that the registrant has been checked in. Checked-in registrants will have the box next to their listing marked as long as they are checked in.

NOTE: If the basic filters are changed to exclude already checked-in registrants, the registrant will disappear from the listing after check-in.

Undoing a Check-In

If you accidentally check in a registrant that you weren’t supposed to, simply click the checkbox again to undo it. A banner will appear alerting you that you undid a check-in.

Checking In from the Listing Screen

To manually check in a listing from the main listing screen, hover over the three dots to the right of a listing and click Check In.

A banner will appear at the top of the screen to inform you that the check-in was successful.

To undo the check-in, hover over the same dots and click Undo Check-In.

A similar banner will appear at the top of the screen to tell you that the undoing has been successful.

Create a Registration

To create a new registration, click Create New in the top right corner of the Registrations section.

Fill out the form that appears.

General Tab

Registration Info Tab

Manage Registration

To manage an existing registration, find it using the quick filters or Advanced Filter, hover over the three dots to the right of the registration listing, and click Manage.

General Tab

The General tab is the space to change most of the original general information from the creation of the registration.

Registration Info Tab

Edit or change the information from the original Registration Info tab.

Pages Tab

Click the Create button to create a new personal page for the registrant.

Teams Tab

Click the Create button to create a new team for the registrant.

Guests Tab

Manually add guests to the registration by clicking Add under the Guests tab. Guests of the registrant will appear in a list under this tab.

Survey Tab

Survey questions that the registrant has answered will appear here.

Merchandise Tab

Any merchandise the registrant has purchased will be listed here. Click Add to manually add merchandise purchased to this page.

NOTE: Clicking Add will lead you to the New Order Item page. It will not purchase the item for the registrant. No transactional process will occur.

Email Registrants

To send out a mass email to the attendees, hover over More in the top right-hand corner and click Email Attendees.

Choose the event that the registrants have signed up for. The email will send only to the registrants for the selected event. Choose the type of registration to send the message to, the personalization default (the name to call the recipient if a first name is not available), and whether to turn global suppression on or off.

NOTE: Clicking the Advanced button will take you to the Contacts query builder to create a more complex Contacts query to send a message to.

Click Continue. The page will redirect to the Quick Email Blast section with the data from the previous page already populated.

FAQs & Additional Reading

Q. Can I leverage a QR code for registration?
A. Yes - see our article Events: Adding QR codes to Emails to Check-in & Management of Tickets for details on how to send QR codes which will allow users to scan and immediately access the Registration ID. 

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