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Events: A Comprehensive Walk Through for Events Set-Up
Authored by: Megan Gill
on 6/19/2024 4:18:00 PM


Organizing events is a crucial aspect of non-profit operations, and managing event-related data effectively is essential for success. In this article, we'll provide a comprehensive guide on setting up non-profit events in your database. From planning and organizing to registration and follow-up, we'll cover everything you need to know to streamline your event management process.


If your organization is interested in learning more about the Events Application or would like to add on this feature, please contact your Account Representative.

Step 1: Planning Your Event for your Organization

Define Objectives: Clearly outline the goals and objectives of your event to guide your planning process.

Set Date and Venue: Choose a suitable date and venue for your event, considering factors such as accessibility and capacity.

Step 2: Planning Your Event within CharityEngine

Database Setup:

  1. Create Event Categories: Organize events into categories to facilitate easy navigation and reporting within your database. Navigate to the Configuration App > Events > Types > Create New to create new/custom event categories.
  2. Create the Event Location
  3. Create Tables & Seating Allocations
  4. Create Event Sessions
  5. Create and Assign Speakers
  6. Create Event Tickets
  7. Create Discounts or Promotional Codes
  8. Create the Event
If your organization would like to include survey questions including dietary needs, please see our article Events: How to Create a Survey for Your Event 

Step 3: Event Registration

Online Registration Forms: Develop online registration forms integrated with your database to capture attendee information efficiently.

Online/Web Form Registration Set Up: Create a Standard/Out of the Box Event Registration Web Form

Step 4: Managing Attendees

Track Registrations: Use your database to track event registrations and manage attendee information effectively.

Send Confirmations: Automatically send confirmation emails to registered attendees, providing event details and instructions.

Leverage our article here to learn how to create, manage, and email registrants.

Step 5: Event Execution

Check-In Process: Utilize your database to streamline the event check-in process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for attendees.
Manage On-Site Registrations: Capture on-site registrations and update attendee records in real-time using your database.

Learn more about guest check in with our article regarding event check in.

Step 6: Post-Event Follow-Up

Send Thank-You Emails: Send personalized thank-you emails to attendees, expressing gratitude for their participation and support.
Collect Feedback: Use surveys or feedback forms integrated with your database to gather attendee feedback and evaluate event success.


Q. Can I create custom survey questions for the web forms?
A. Yes - visit our article Events: How to add Custom questions/Survey Questions to Event Forms

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