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Configuring P2P Sign Up
Jamie Beliveau 5/29/2024 2:35:00 PM

The sign up tab will allow you to ask specific questions and collect data from the donors who are participating in the fundraiser. For all three types of fundraisers, Default, Hosted Event, and Grassroots.

General Subtab

This tab will allow you to configure which questions you want to ask and data you need to collect. Depending on the type of event or fundraiser, you may want to ask different questions, so different settings are enabled based on the P2P type. For example, all questions are enabled for Hosted Events, as these are often charity runs and walks.

If you do not want fundraisers to be able to sign up online, you can disable sign up by setting Disable next to the Allow Signup option. This setting will add or remove the signup link online depending how it is set.



Fundraisers and Teams Pages

On the Fundraisers and Teams tabs, users can set the default content that their fundraisers and teams can use. CharityEngine provides some recommended content to make setup even easier.

On the Fundraisers tab, a minimum goal can be configured for all fundraising pages.

On the Teams tab, teams can be disabled. Note that teams are enabled by default for Default (DIY) and Hosted Event P2P types, teams are not available for Grassroots Events.

For Hosted Events and Grassroots Event an additional tab for configuring you ticket and event types will appear as part of the configuration.

Visit this article to learn how to configure tickets for Hosted Events.

Visit this article to learn how to configure Event Types for Grassroots Events.


If there are additional questions you would like to ask fundraisers upon registering, you can configure them on the Questions tab (or use the quick link from the General tab). These questions will appear to fundraisers during the registration process.

Examples of questions you might want to ask a fundraiser:

T Shirt Size (if you are doing a t shirt giveaway as part of registration)

Why are you fundraising?

How did you hear about us?

Users have the option to configure Text, Radio, Checkbox and Dropdown questions.

To configure different data options for Radio, Checkbox and Dropdown list questions, click on Add after creating the question.

Users have the option to configure specific questions for specific registration types, meaning if there is a question that should only be asked of runners like - What is your mileage pace? then it can be configured to only appear for that ticket type. You can specify which tickets or event types by clicking on All under Tickets or Event Types then selecting the types and clicking associate in the box that appears.

In the example below a question about whether you have a Running Companion is only asked of participants who signed up for the 5K and only participants signed up for dinner, are asked a meal preference. All registrants are asked about their interest in adopting a pet.

Note that this advanced question configure is only available for Hosted Events and Grassroots Events types.


Terms and conditions can be sent for users to agree during sign up in the Legal tab. This appears on the final step of registration. If nothing is configured the legal section will not appear to registrants. An example of how this might be used, is a waiver for event participants to agree to or terms that a fundraiser will agree to as someone who is operating on behalf of your organization.

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