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Configuration: Critical Configuration Setting Monitoring
Authored by: Megan Gill
on 5/29/2024 2:35:00 PM


Ensuring proper configuration is essential to minimize any disruption to your fundraising and communication efforts. CharityEngine offers a few key areas for which you should monitor to ensure no disruption to your activities within CharityEngine. 


  • If you have any questions on proper settings for configuration issues, please contact our Customer Support for bust guidance and direction. 

Instructions - Accessing Configuration Status

Step 1: Access the Configuration App > General > Configuration Status

Step 2: Review the identified configuration issues listed for your account (if applicable)

Accessing Potential Configuration Status Issues

  1. No Default Payment Gateway:
    1. Financial transactions will not process accordingly
    2. Correct by accessing the Configuration App > Account Settings > Transactions > Select Payment Processor > SAVE
    3. If you do not currently host a payment gateway, please contact Customer Support or your Account Manager for details on how to set up and/or apply for a merchant account
  2. No Default Billing Gateway:
    1. Sustainer transaction will not process accordingly
    2. Correct by accessing the Configuration App > Billing > General > Billing Enabled: Yes > Payment Gateway: <select payment processor> > SAVE
  3. No Default Sending Email:
    1. Emails may not be successfully sent from your account
    2. Correct by contacting Customer Support; Access the Configuration App > Campaigns > Default Settings > General Tab > Default Sender Email


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