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Duplicating Event Forms
Jessica Mocha 12/10/2021 3:46:00 PM

Duplicating event forms will help save time if your organization is hosting multiple events that have similar registration fields. You will not have to create the fields again; however you will need to ensure that the fields are mapped correctly to link to the new event. Duplicating event forms does require the user to update certain fields and data such as the acknowledgement letter to ensure that information displayed is correct.

Before the user duplicates the event form, they must first create the new event. The user can duplicate a previous event, however the user will still need to configure the event with the new data such as the name, date, any survey questions, locations, and tickets. To create a new event navigate to Events & Volunteers > Events > Search & Manage > Create New.

Or if you are duplicating the event click duplicate under the Actions column.

Note: As stated above, if an event is duplicated, the user will still have to configure the details of the event, such as the name, date, tickets, and survey questions as these items are specific to the event.

Once your event has been created you will be able to duplicate your event form. Navigate to Online > Web Forms > Search & Manage and search for the form you want to duplicate.

Under the actions column click duplicate.

The duplicated form will be displayed at the top of the listing screen and you will then be able to manage the form.

Note: This duplicated event form will automatically be linked to the old event as well as any tickets associated with the event. Users will need to map the event correctly to ensure that the registrations are linked to the right event.

The first configuration that needs to be made is linking the event form to the correct event. On the Event tab, use the dropdown to select the event you create previously.

Note: Users will also need to make other adjustments on the General, Content, and Email tabs to ensure that the names, dates, and content is correct for the new event.

After the event has been linked, users will need to ensure that the fields are mapped correctly. If the user does not map the fields, the registrations will be linked to the original event. The key fields that users will need to map are the ticket fields and survey questions.

On the Layout tab, manage all the ticket fields by clicking the pencil icon.


All that needs to be done to link the tickets to the new event, is click Save while managing the field. This will save the ticket information to the new event form.

You will need to do this for all ticket fields to link them correctly to the event.

If the form has a survey question, the user will also need to map the field to link it to the correct event. Click the pencil icon to manage the field.

The last configuration that needs to be made is on the mapping tab. Use the dropdown to select the survey created on the event. Mapping the survey question to the correct survey will link all answers to the correct form and event.


Once these configurations have been made, save and you will be able to use the form.


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