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Web Forms: How to Create an SMS Opt-In Form for SMS Campaigns
Authored by: Michaela Hyden
on 5/29/2024 2:35:00 PM


Being September 1, 2023 there are new regulations for sending SMS messages to donors. The below article will guide you to ensure you meet regulatory requirements.

How to Add SMS Opt-In to a Donation Form

When creating a Donation Form or modifying a Donation Form, follow the instructions below to add in for a donor to be able to opt-in to SMS messaging.

Step 1: In the Donation Form navigate to the Layout

Step 2: Under Contact Info, select the “+”

Name the field "SMS Opt-In". Then click Create Field.

Step 3: Under the Contact Info field, locate the new field and click the pencil icon on the left to edit the field. 

In the Basic Tab, edit the label to say, "Yes, I would like to receive SMS communications."

Then change the type to be "check box".

Next, change the data type to "true/false"

Under the Display tab, switch Show Label to no.

In the same location, under Advanced, click the blue "here".

In the label field write, "Yes, I would like to receive SMS communications."

In the Value field, type "1"

Click Save, then close

In the Mapping tab, in the Content subtab, find the SMS Opt-In and ensure it is switched to "yes"

Step 4: Click Save

How to Create a Communication Series for Newly Opted-In Contacts

Due to regulation, it is required that you allow individuals who opt in to SMS messages to be able to opt out. The steps below will help you create a communication series that will notify your donors of their opt in status and allow them the opportunity to opt out.

Creating the Sub Query

Step 1: Start by going to the Automation and Workflow app
Step 2: Under General click on "Query"

Step 3: In the top right click on “Create New”

Step 4: We will use the Contacts table as our filter and select the Communication Preferences Change as the table.
Step 5: In Select, move Contact ID, Preference, Change, and Date Created 
Step 6: Under Filter we will:
  • Select Preference and set it to equal SMS
  • Select Change and set it to equal Opt In
  • Select Date Created
    • Hover over the Date Created field and click the beaker icon to the right
    • Where the field reads "Maximum", click the drop down to change it to say "Today"

Step 7: Save Query as "SMS Opt In Today"

Create the Contact Query for Communication Series

Step 1: Start by going to the Automation and Workflow app
Step 2: Under General, click on "Query"

Step 3: In the top right click on "Create New"

Step 4: We will use the Contact table as our filter and select to use Contacts as the table.

Step 5: In Select move Contact ID and Primary Mobile Number
Step 6: For the filter section move Contact ID then:
  • Click the stack icon to the right on the filter
  • Search for the sub query that was created in the steps above
  • Add the query to the filter

Step 7: Save this query as "Contacts for SMS Contact Series"

How to Create the SMS Opt In Communication Series

The first part to creating the communication series is creating the SMS message that will be sent out to donors as they opt in.

Step 1: Navigate to the Campaign App
Step 2: Under Create and Publish, click on “Creative”
Step 3: In the top right, click on “Create New” and select “SMS Message”
Step 4: Name the message “SMS Opt In”
Step 5: Under Content create the SMS message you would like your donors to receive upon opt in.
Note: You must include a concluding message instructing donors how they can opt out. An example of this is, “To opt out of receiving SMS messages respond STOP to this text. Data and message rates may apply.”

Step 6: Click Save.


Now we need to set up the communication series to be sent out as donors choose to opt-in to SMS.

Step 7: Navigating to the Campaign app, Under Create & Publish select Communication Series
Step 8: In the upper right corner, select “Create New”
Step 9: Click on Advanced, and then continue
Step 10: Create a name for the communication series
Step 11: Change the frequency to “Daily”
Step 12: Change the Entry to “Non-parallel”
Step 13:Click Create

Step 14: Add SMS Step
  • Click Select Message
  • Search for the name of the communication you just created
  • Select the message
  • Select the gear to the right in the Send SMS step
  • Add a phone number
  • Click Save and Close

Step 15: On the right side of the Series Start, select Audience Settings
  • Click Select Query
  • Search by name for the Query that is set up with the contact numbers
  • Click Save & Close

Step 16: Save & Close the Communication Series


Q: What if I currently am an organization utilizing SMS?
A. You will need to create a query to identify anyone who has opted in to text messages. Then you will use that as your list to send an SMS via SMS blast with a message informing the donor, they are opted in to receiving text messages from your organization. Be sure you include in the message that if the donor would not like to receive text they can respond “STOP” to the text to opt out.

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