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Contacts: How to Create and Manage Activities
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on 5/29/2024 2:35:00 PM


CharityEngine provides an easy way for you and those in your organization to craft activities associated with your contacts and constituents.  Creating an activity not only creates a record but also a reminder and record of the points of time in which you are interacting with your donors.  CharityEngine makes it easy to create, manage and automate activities - allowing you and your team to ensure strategic activities are planned, scheduled and executed.  

Instructions - Creating New Activity Records

Step 1: Navigate to the Contact App > Activities > Activities > Create New to create a new activity from this screen.

Instructions - Managing Existing Activity Records

Step 1: Navigate to the Contacts App > Activities > Activities.

Step 2: The Activities screen will look like the sample screen below. Use the basic filters to find an activity you are looking for.

Step 3: In the top right corner is a list of options.

Step 4: Use the Advanced Filter to search more specifically.

Instructions - Creating Activity Automation

Step 1: Navigate to the Automation & Workflows App > General > Queries > Create New > Create a query in which an activity should be created
Ex: Transactions Query for transactions made this week over $100
Step 2: Navigate to the Automation & Workflows App > Triggers > Create New > Type: Create Activity > Next > Data Source: query as created in step 2 > Start Date > End Date > Participating Contact: select assigned activity contact name 

Instructions - Viewing My Activities

There are a few areas in which you can view and monitor your activities to assist you in keeping organized on donor cultivation efforts, organizational events, and/or planned communication plans.

Activity Calendar

Use the activity calendar to view activities, communication plans, and events in a calendar view. 

Step 1: Navigate to the Contacts App > Activities > Calendar
Step 2: Use the filter features to view by month, week, or day - and/or filter by activities, events, and/or initiatives

Activity Summary Panel - Default Dashboard

Use your organization's default summary dashboard for a quick view of activity calendar to view activities, communication plans, and events in a calendar view. 

Step 1: Navigate to the main dashboard (click on the CharityEngine icon in the top left corner - or use the widget to select the "<Org Name> Dashboard")
Step 2: Locate the Activities panel to view your personally assigned activities
Step 3: Locate the Upcoming Events panel to view organizational events in which you are connected with

Activity Report Builder

Use the report builder to create a custom report and export for your organization's needs.  

Step 1: Navigate to the Contacts App > Activities > Activities
Step 2: Use the Quick Filters and/or Advanced Filters to segment your list
Step 3: Use the Report Builder from the top right hand corner and select your preferred fields, add a name to your report, and Save

FAQs & Additional Reading

Q. How can I use the trigger feature to create automated actions, activities, notifications, etc. for my organization?
A. The Automation & Workflow Trigger feature can be a powerful tool to assist you in automating tasks to eliminate the need of manual work. Learn more about how to use the Trigger feature and a few use cases by visiting Automation & Workflow: An Overview of Triggers & Use Case - Examples

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