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How to Clear Contacts from Groups, Tags, and Lists Using Trigger Tool
Jessica Mocha 5/29/2024 3:20:00 PM


The trigger tool can be used in a variety of different ways.For example, the tool can be used to clear tags, groups, and lists from assigned contacts. If the users only want contacts to be assigned to one list or one group at a time, this tool will allow the user to easily remove all groups and lists assigned to those contacts. This can be done as often as needed by partnering with a scheduled job.

Instructions - Locating the Affected Population

In this use case, the user will identify contacts with the Opt In list of "Demo - Reps" and remove all opt in lists from those contact records.

Step 1: To identify the population to be adjusted, navigate to the Workflow & Automation App > General > Queries > Create New.
Step 2: In this use case, the user will select Filter: Contacts Select: Contacts > CONTINUE
Step 3: Include the Contact ID and for this use case the Filter of Group Names = Demo - Reps
Step 4: Once the population has been identified, click SAVE and name the query

Instructions - Bulk Removal Steps

Step 1: To remove the group, tag, or list, navigate to the Workflow & Automation App > Workflow > Triggers > Create New.
Step 2: Select List Opt Out from the drop-down and click NEXT.

Step 3: Search for the query created above for removal of the list (or group/tag). Click NEXT to continue.

Step 4: Name the job and select a Start time if applicable.
Step 5: Select the necessary Clear field. In this use case, the user will be selecting Clear Lists from the "Demo - Reps" opt in list.
Note, from the subsequent drop down of Lists this will assign a specified list after clearing the contact list. 

Step 6:Click next once all selections have been made
Step 7: Review the job and click PROCESS to initiate.Click OK to verify.

Instructions - Scheduling a Recurring Bulk Removal

Once the initial job has been executed, the user can schedule the removal job as a recurring activity.

Step 1: To do this access the Automation & Workflow App > Workflow > Triggers > locate the job executed in the steps above.

Step 2: From the ACTIONS column select Schedule 

Step 3:Name the schedule, select a start date if appropriate and description if needed. Click SAVE to secure.

Step 4: Navigate to the Triggers tab.Use the first dropdown to select the frequency and the second dropdown to select when the action will be completed. For example, if the user wants the assignment to be removed weekly, select the week and then select what day the action will be completed.

Step 5: Click ADD and the selection will appear.

Note: The user can modify or deactivate jobs in the future by accessing the Automation & Workflow App > General > Job Schedule

FAQs & Additional Reading

Q. I would like to only remove one opt in list and not all opt in lists. How can this be achieved?

A. This is feasible through support of the Import Job functionality. See our Help Center Article Assigning Groups, Tags, and Opt- In Lists Through Importer. See the FAQs for use of the "Opt-In List (csv) (removal)" field. 

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