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Opportunities - Moves Management: How to Create a New Opportunity
Authored by: Megan Gill
on 5/29/2024 2:35:00 PM



Instructions: Leveraging the Opportunities Feature with your Solicitors

Once you have completed the configuration and set up of your Moves Management/Opportunity structure, you and your solicitors can begin to leverage the Opportunities feature to begin adding new opportunities.

Step 1: Navigate to the Contacts App > Opportunities > Database  

Step 2: Click on Create New to initiate a new opportunity

Step 3: Enter your opportunity including -
    1. Name of the opportunity; minimum requirement
    2. Contact name of the donor
    3. Contact Type
    4. Track selection of track to be applied toward
    5. Move First Step allows user to immediately move opportunity into first step in track
    6. Solicitor assign name 
    7. Active assign as yes or no
    8. Status assignment of custom status for opportunity
    9. Priority assignment of custom priority for opportunity
    10. Estimated Close Date
    11. Estimated Value - probability at each stage will be presented in the listing screen and in Opportunity reports
    12. Click SAVE

Step 4: Once saved, your opportunity record will be created. You or your solicitor can assign the Current Step to initiate the Moves Management/Opportunity cycle if not initiated in step above.

Step 5: From the listing screen, you will see your opportunity and a summary of the opportunity details. Note that because this opportunity is still in the Discovery step, the probability for win remains at 0%. 

FAQs & Other Reading

Q. Can you share further details regarding the fields available when creating a new opportunity?
A. See below for additional field level detail.

Return to: Opportunities & Moves Management: Comprehensive Guide for Set Up, Configuration, and Reporting

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