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Contacts: How to Set Tribute Goals
Authored by: Megan Gill
on 5/31/2024 11:47:00 AM

Setting a Tribute Goal

When creating a tribute, users can set a goal amount to be raised in honor of that tribute. For example, if you are holding a fundraiser in honor of someone who has passed away, you can set a goal amount for that tribute. users can then also create a donation form that will attribute all donations to that tribute.

Step 1: To set a goal for a tribute, navigate to the Donations App > Tributes > Search & Manage.

Step 2a: If the tribute already exists, click on the tribute name to Manage the tribute.

Step 2b: If the tribute does not already exist, click Create New.

Step 3: To set a goal, navigate to the General tab, enter the goal amount and set the dropdown to total revenue.

Note: If this is not a new tribute and donations have already been made in honor of the tribute, you will also be able to see the amount raised.

 Step 4: On the Transactions tab, you will be able to see any transactions that have been attributed to the tribute.

Step 5: Once a goal amount has been set, you will also be able to see it on the tribute listing screen as well as the percentage that has been received. (Navigate to the Donations App > Tribute > Search & Manage)

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