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Sustainer Re-Activation: How to Send Sustainers the Re-activation Form
Jessica Mocha 12/10/2021 3:46:00 PM

Sustainer Re-activation can be needed for several reasons. If a sustainer account has expired or their form of payment has been declined, you can send them a re-activation email that will provide a link to a re-activation form. The form will allow the sustainer to update any of their information that may have changed and re-activate their account. This will encourage your sustainer to continue to support your mission.

The first step in sending a Sustainer Reactivation form is to create the form itself. Navigate to Online > WebForms > Search and Manage > Create New. Select Sustainer Re-Activation from the Form Wizard to start creating your new form.

From there you will be able to customize your form with the attributes of the campaign or your mission by using the tabs available.

Once your form has been created, you will need to configure your default settings for Sustainer Activation Forms. By configuring this form to be the default, you will be able to use it when sending your re-activation email to those who need to update their payment information.

Navigate to Configuration > General > Account Settings > Sustainer Tab. Use the Re-Activation Form dropdown to select the form you created.

Note: We support the use of multiple sustainer re-activation forms, but the form will need to be set at the initiative level to utilize this feature. Navigate to the initiative and the advanced tab, then select your sustainer activation form from the drop-down.

Now that you have created the form and configured the default settings, you will be able to send the email blast to the sustainers who need to update their payment info. 

Navigate to Campaigns > Quick Action > Email Blast and select your query from the dropdown.

Note: to find your declined sustainers and send them an email, you will need to create a query that will need to include both the Contact ID and the Sustainer ID. For assistance in creating a query read This article 

If you have an email template already created, click on Select Existing, if not, click on Create New to design and create a new email.

Once you have configured your email design, you will need to add a hyperlink to navigate your sustainers to the re-activation form. Click on the button at the bottom of the page and on the right side under the action section you will be able to add the URL of the form by clicking on Special Link

A popup will appear, select Activation, then click on the Sustainer Activation link. This will select the default re-activation form that you configured in your settings.

If you do not wish to add a button to your email, you can simply just add the link to the Sustainer Reactivation from by clicking in a text box and selecting the Special Links tool.

 A dropdown list will appear where you will be able to select Activation, then Sustainer Activation. 

Your link will now be displayed in the text box and when the sustainer follows the link, all of their information will auto-populate into the form for the sustainer to update as needed.

Now you can send the email to all the sustainers that have been declined. The link attached to the button will navigate your sustainers to your re-activation form. Below is an example of what the email would look like.

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