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Sustainers Save Drop Down Bar
Jessica Mocha 12/10/2021 3:46:00 PM

In the top right corner of the page to manage a sustainer is the Save drop-down bar. Clicking the arrow next to the bar will bring up a list of options.

New Payment

Clicking New Payment will bring you to the New Transaction screen (Payment Tab) with the sustainer’s information automatically populated.

New Invoice

The New Invoice option will bring you to the New Sustainer Installment page. Here, create a new invoice if it is necessary.

NOTE: On the day the sustainer is billed, the system automatically creates a new invoice for the following billing cycle. When one invoice is filled, the next one is created automatically.


If a sustainer wants to discontinue payments for a period of time, but does not want to cancel their account, simply place them on Pause for a chosen amount of time.

Billing Date

Clicking Billing Date allows a user to change the date that the sustainer is billed every month. A pop-up box will appear with details.

Change Rate

Change the monthly billing rate at any time by clicking Change Rate. Change the amount by clicking in the field box and typing a new amount. When the amount is changed, you have the opportunity to change the amount of the next invoice. You may choose to Cancel here so that the current invoice can be canceled and a new one with the new amount can be generated.


Choose Cancel if the sustainer wants to cancel their account.

Update Contact Info

A pop-up box will appear when you click Update Contact Info. Choose whether or not to update the name, then change the address and phone number if necessary. The drop-down menu will offer four options.

Create & Move

Create & Move will take the sustainer account and reassign it to a new contact. A pop-up box will appear to warn you when you click on this link.

New Note and New File

Create new notes and new files associated with this sustainer account from here. For more information, see our Notes and Files documentation.

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