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Sustainers – Search & Manage
Jessica Mocha 12/10/2021 3:46:00 PM

Basic Filters

The Sustainer Search & Manage page has a set of basic filters to use to narrow a search.

Advanced Filters

The Sustainer Search & Manage page also has an Advanced Filter drop-down.

NOTE: The Quick Filter will refresh the page automatically when a filter is chosen. If you plan on using the Advanced Filters, input Advanced Filters information first to save yourself a click! Once Advanced Filters are chosen, change any one of the Quick Filters, and the page will refresh with both Advanced and Quick Filters considered.

General Tab

The General tab contains general search fields.

Contact Tab

The contact tab contains search fields specific to contacts.

Payment Tab

The Payment tab contains search fields specific to payments.

Attribution Tab

The Attribution tab contains search fields specific to attributions.

Advanced Tab

The Advanced tab contains more advanced search fields.

Report Builder

Once Advanced Filters are set, they can be saved for future use in the Report Builder (gear icon labeled below). You can also use Report Builder to make a custom exported report that includes only the fields you want to report on. After saving your report, you can schedule it to be emailed out on an organized basis.

Active Filters

On the listing screen, a list of Active Filters will appear. Simply click the X to the right of the filter in order to delete it and adjust the search criteria.

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