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Email Campaign: How to Restore a Previous Creative
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on 3/9/2023 1:34:00 PM


When creating an email creative, you may save your work to later realize that you preferred a previous version. Instead of creating a whole new creative or redoing your work, you can restore any previous versions of the creative by looking at the creative history.


  • -While this article is informational, we recommend accessing creatives to locate and identify historical creatives.


Step 1: Navigate to Campaigns > Create & Publish > Creative > Locate creative > Manage Creative (or click through creative id)

Step 2: Locate History tab (top right corner)

Step 3: Click on the version you wish to restore, and the creative will refresh to show the previous version

If you decide to revert back, simply click on the history button again and restore the version.

FAQ & Further Reading

Q. How do I create an email creative?
A. Read more here on how to create an email creative

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