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Opportunities - Moves Management: Locating and Managing Existing Opportunities
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on 6/26/2024 2:34:00 PM


CharityEngine provides an easy way to focus on the opportunities created in the system. Opportunities are CharityEngine’s moves management functionality. This feature is used to track progress with major donor asks, grant proposals, or any other contacts that the organization wishes to follow a specific workflow. This article will guide users on the available filters to narrow down your opportunities review as well as a walk through of each component of the opportunity record. 


  1. Create one or more opportunities to explore the advanced filter feature.

Instructions: Locating an existing opportunity 

Step 1: Navigate to the Contacts App > Opportunities > Database
Step 2: The Opportunities screen will look like the sample screen below. Use the basic filters to find an address you are looking for.
Step 3: Use the Advanced Filter to narrow down your search.

Step 4:Once you find the opportunity you want, hover over ellipse (three dots to the right of the listing). Click Manage.

Instructions: Managing an existing opportunity 

  • Opportunity: General Tab

Under the General tab is the information that was written in when the opportunity was first created.

  • Current Step > Move to Next Step

By locating the Current Step > Actions menu, users can adjust the step in which the opportunity is advancing towards
Step 1: Select Actions > Move
Step 2: From this workflow, users can select:

Type: Move (to advance to next scheduled step) or Skip (to skip current step and advance to next step)
Schedule Next Activity: Selecting Yes, allows the user to assign the next activity details related to this opportunity including: date, edit the activity title, identify all participants of the activity, Assign To a person to execute the next activity, and elect to auto complete the current activity.
Click COMPLETE MOVE to advance the opportunity to the next step in the organization's cultivation process. 

  • Opportunity: Source Tab

Use the source tab to assign or update initiative, response channel, fund, and/or general ledger code.

  • Opportunity: Contact Tab

    The Contacts tab displays the contacts associated with the opportunity. Here you can assign the type of contact (i.e. Decision Maker, Gatekeeper, Stakeholder, Other). You can also assign the solicitor and determine the primary contact. Add new contacts to the opportunity under this tab.

    Note: There can only be a single primary contact. Choose the primary contact carefully—this will be the contact that shows up in reporting on the opportunity.

  • Opportunity: Solicitors Tab

Find the solicitor of this opportunity under the Solicitors tab. Interact with the existing solicitor and create new ones here.

  • Opportunity: Steps Tab

Under this tab, find the listing of steps your organization will take to succeed in the opportunity.

  • Opportunity: Activities Tab

The Activities tab lists all of the activities associated with the opportunity. This space will automatically populate with completed activities after steps have been marked as complete. There is a Create button at the top of the listing to manually add activities that were not part of any specific steps, but still contributed to the opportunity. In addition, use the ellipse under ACTIONS to manage or update changes to an existing opportunity. 

  • Opportunity: Conversions Tab

The conversions tab is the space to find or create transactions, pledges, sustainers, or members that have been populated into this opportunity. Buttons labeled with each type are available for manually creating new listings.


  • Opportunity: Move Log Tab

The Move Log section tracks activities that have been moved or skipped. Find the dates and duration of each step under this tab.

  • Opportunity: Stream Tab

The Stream tab tracks everything done with the opportunity. Under the Stream tab, see every change made to the opportunity. Each listing will be marked with a type (Transaction, Activity, Case, Peer-to-Peer, etc.), a date, a contact, and a description of what occurred.

  • Opportunity: Notes and Files Tabs

Add notes or files associated with the opportunity.

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