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Contacts: Removing A Tribute from a Transaction
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on 5/29/2024 2:35:00 PM

Removing a Tribute from a Transaction

Step 1: To remove a tribute from a transaction, navigate to the Donations App > Tributes > Search & Manage and locate the tribute you wish to remove from the transaction.

Step 2: Click on the tribute Id to manage the tribute.

Step 3: On the Transactions tab, you will see all transactions the tribute is linked with. Locate the transaction and click Manage under the ACTIONS column.

Step 4: You will be navigated to the transaction. Under the Detail tab > Attribution sub tab > General sub tab you will see that the tribute is linked with the transaction. From the Actions drop down, select clear. Click SAVE to secure the change.

Step 5: By navigating using the back hyperlink to the tribute Id, you will also notice that the transaction is no longer linked to the tribute.

Step 6: If you would like to delete the Tribute Id record, navigate back to the Donations App > Tribute > Search & Manage. Locate the tribute record and under ACTIONS, select Delete.  Click OK to proceed.

Note: Deleting the Tribute record should not be done without internal consideration as all records associated with be permanently deleted.

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